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Brad Benson

Hometown: Kinston, NC. 

History: Started Playing Piano around age 5, Bass Guitar age 14, Acoustic and Electric age 15.

"When I went to college, I was constantly playing guitar and singing at my neighbor’s apartment (instead of studying and going to classes.) But I couldn’t find a band to play with.  That was when I found a bar close by with an open mic.  Next thing you know, I was booking myself at that bar, which led to another open mic, which led to another bar, which eventually led to me quitting my job (and school) because I was making more money playing than with working."

  • Released Eternal Life in 2005.
  • Released Smoke and Mirrors in 2009
  • Released Attitude 2013

Now the front man for Rebel Armada and Dead Man's Mail, and Poducer/Engineer at Singmonkey Studio.

Robert John Barnett

Having started in percussion at an early age influenced by Puerto Rican rhythms, he moved to the drum set at the age of 9 after enamoring the rock scene in the United States and drummers like Liberty DeVito of Billy Joel fame.

Influences primarily include Billy Cobham,Terry Bozzio, Buddy Rich, Charlie Benante, but all drummers are an influence in one manner or another.

Played with the Treehuggers, the Wyricks, as well as many others. Also worked on projects with Juan Benavides and Mickey Wetherington.